In collaboration with Kuyujani Tribal Council, HealthShare International created and implemented workshops by using the life-saving village health worker’s handbooks “Donde no hay Doctor” (Where there is No Doctor) and “Donde no hay Dentista” (Where there is no Dentist). HealthShare International recruited Venezuelan medical professionals as workshop volunteers and collaborated with the health ministry to provide continuing education to nurses village health care workers throughout the region. The nurses are continuing to use the textbooks as reference guides. The handbooks are excellent resources for the provision of rural medical care. To read more about these invaluable books and the Hesperian Foundation that produces them click here.

  • HealthShare International provided material support to community health posts in the form of equipment and in some cases, health ministry approved medications.
  • We administered a fund for emergency medical expenses when community members had to travel to the city for specialized care.
  • We funded the capital improvement of the river ambulance by providing financial support to allow for the purchase of a motor that was faster more compatible with the local river conditions.
  • We provided educational scholarships for primary and secondary education to fourteen tribal members throughout the region. The scholarship program required a signed commitment from the recipient that they would continue to work in/for the betterment of their local communities after graduation.

  • We provided a full scholarship (tuition, living expenses and a generous stipend) for secondary, post-secondary education and professional education for the elected tribal leader, Alberto Jose Rodriguez. It was the desire of Alberto Rodriguez to obtain a high level of education so that he could represent his tribal peoples in an effort to protect human rights, land rights and their intellectual property, including pharmaceutical knowledge. HealthShare International facilitated the process for Alberto to ultimately attend law school in Ciudad Bolivar (the largest port city near the Caura Region) and to become the first Ye’kwana to become a Venezuelan attorney. We formed a partnership with Carlos Zagala, Esq, a professor at the law school so that he could serve as Alberto’s mentor during the educational process.

HealthShare International recruited and collaborated with our partner organization, EarthBound, Inc., a US-based nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting Fair Trade for indigenous communities. EarthBound’s projects are aimed at facilitating the trade of locally produced handicrafts while ensuring human rights and environmental sustainability. EarthBound Inc. has continued to work closely with the communities of the Caura River Basin and has just returned from a successful working trip in May of 2016.