HealthShare International made its last official organizational trip to Venezuela in 2015. The border crossing, although one of the most exciting for our group, ended up being quite unsafe.  Due to the rapidly changing political climate, economic collapse and change in Visa requirements, it became increasingly difficult to travel safely. Additionally, Arturo Garcia, the backbone and most trusted in-country leader of our organization had to relocate to Spain due to ongoing safety concerns. Arturo and his wife, Pierra Lo Curto Coelles are currently managing a lodge, Albergue San Miguel, for pilgrims on the French way of St. James in Spain. To learn more about their lodge and to make plans to visit Arturo and Pierra, click on any of Arturo’s link throughout this page.

Our partner organization, EarthBound, continues to work in the Caura River region supporting the artisan’s groups.

Although HealthShare International has officially put our Venezuela project on-hold as of 2015, we continue to maintain our legal 501(c)(3) status. We await the opportunity to either resume working in Venezuela or to begin a new and exciting project somewhere else in the world.

Although we say Farewell to Venezuela for now, we believe that everything is temporary and are incredibly grateful for the 15 years that we were able to work in solidarity with the local villages.

In the mean time, use the links for our Board members above to connect with them and see what incredible work they are doing!